Behind the scenes

Yummy House Seafood Clubhouse

fresh ingredients daily
Daily Deliveries

Fresh Ingredients

The foundation of all great meals. Our chefs source the freshest ingredients, taking daily deliveries to ensure you can enjoy the best food available in Orlando.

Authentic Flavours

Heirloom Recipes

Our menus centre around Cantonese cuisine. We adhere to age old traditions, add some modern flair to produce delectable delights daily.

award winner

Brilliant Chefs

Our chefs are some of the most respected in their field. Grounded in tradition with an eye to the future, we're constantly working toward pushing the boundaries on how good food should be.

Ambience & Service

Atmospheric dining

Soak in the atmosphere at YH Clubhouse. Wood panelling, soft lighting, magical mural and white table cloth service. Our attentive servers are always on hand to ensure your needs and wants are catered to.

8081 Turkey Lake Rd #700

Orlando, FL 32819 United States

(407) 440-4979